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Garage Door Services Virginia Location

For commercial and residential garage door installation and repair in Virginia, contact our Alexandria office.            

Garage Door Repair and Installation in VA Serving Northern Virginia : (888) 281-3478            

Let ABC Garage Door Repair serve all your residential and commercial garage door installation and repair needs in Virginia. We know your garage doors serve to protect you and your property, and even one day without a properly functioning door can pose a threat to your security. Whether you’re looking for garage doors in northern Virginia, southern Virginia, or smack in the middle, let ABC Garage Door Repair be your go-to company for repair, installation, and purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a garage door tune up?

During the tune up, a professional examines the hinges, screws and springs, which may become loose or wear out over time.The screening allows them to correct all of the issues.

Does my garage door need reinforcement?

Horizontal and vertical reinforcements are required to prevent damage to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or glass-paneled doors.

Why is my garage door buckling?

Your Hinges or Rollers Need Lubrication.

How do you secure a garage door during a hurricane?

Install hurricane panels. Install garage-door netting. Add braces to a garage door. Consider purchasing an impact-resistant garage door.

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