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Rolling Steel Garage Doors and Rollup Gate Installation - Virginia - Maryland

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

SD / ID / Grille Series

Full Duty Service Doors / Insulated Service Doors / Grilles

Constructed of readily available materials and easily serviced components, the Janus service garage door line embraces the idea of user-friendly products that incorporate durability, simplicity and serviceability as common standards.

Our line of grille products offers a variety of designs to fit every application.

CS Series Counter Shutters

The Janus International counter shutter group demonstrates an evolution of sound performance principles and architectural detail in a trim, feature-packed design set. cafeteria serving areas, kitchen receiving windows, ticket offices, pharmacy windows, home security enhancement and vending area security include just a partial list of possibilities for a Janus counter shutter.

Medium Duty Service Doors
MD Series: MD15 / MD16

The MD Series is a medium duty service door line that is a true crossover commercial system, which successfully bridges the gap between sheet door cost and service door performance. Standard features of the MD Series are found only as options on most products in this category, setting it apart as a revolutionary closure where strength and value are primary concerns.

FD Series Fire Doors

Janus International Sure-Set™ fire doors are manufactured to the stringent qualities of full duty service doors, yet easily meet the most current fire protection standards. Operational choices include three fail-safe motors operated systems and a standard chain hoist.

FS Series Fire Shutters

A fire shutter engineered to protect smaller openings of communication of up to 100 square feet, the FS40 Janus shutter delivers time-proven results and attractive, performance rated value. Available for manual push up, awning crank, chain hoist or motor operation, drop testing is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Series 650 Mini Storage Door Self-Storage Door

Our Series 650 Mini Storage Door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Standard features eliminate the need for options or upgrades. The Best Door, The Best Value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the rain coming under my garage door?

Insert a drain in front of the garage to soak away excess water. Raise the concrete towards the garage door to create a lip. Install a sandless sandbag, such as the Osmo Flood Barrier. Insert a rubber water stop to provide a raised lip. Install a flood barrier.

How do I stop water under my door?

You can apply painter's tape along the doorframe before caulking to help you make a straight line.

How do I weatherproof my garage?

Inspect and Replace Garage Insulation. Weather-stripping, Cracks, and Holes. Check The Moving Parts. Inspect weather-stripping between garage door panels. Call a Professional.

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