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Residential garage door repair and installation services

We are experts in door installation and are committed to excellence in service. That’s why all of our products and labor come guaranteed. It’s not confidence, it’s good business. Every ABC Garage Door installation comes with three FREE years of service!

ABC Door Warranty: We stand behind our products

  • We carry products from manufacturers we trust. We do the research so that no matter what your price point, you are getting the highest quality product and most comprehensive warranty around.
  • The warranties cover things you actually need. Unlike some guarantees that protect you from circumstances you’ll never see, the warranties provided by the manufacturers of every garage door and accessory we sell use common sense and stand behind their products’ performance against weather, use and aging. These products are created to last, and their warranties back them up.
  • Theirs, and then some. We honor the manufacturer’s warranty for every product we sell; then, just to make sure you’re covered, we add our own 3-year service plan to it.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

What’s included

  • Complete inspection of garage door/opener
  • Tighten nuts and bolts on door and opener
  • Lube and grease door and opener
  • Wind and torque the garage door springs
  • Adjust garage door opener force, distance limits & settings according to the season of the year (summer, winter)
  • Check performance of the photo eye’s sensors and safety edge
  • Make sure the garage door is balanced correctly and leveled
  • Issue new inspection certificate with each visit (helps keep the value of your product)
  • Lubricate all hinges, bearings, springs and opener rail
  • Check and adjust spring tension to balance door properly
  • Check/adjust tracks for perfect spacing
  • Check hinges, bearings, springs/opener rail
  • Check hinges and tighten where needed
  • Check lift cables for wear
  • Check and adjust safety pressures of opener to make sure it reverses on contact
  • Check adjust infrared sensors’ alignment

How often do we come:

We recommend 2 visits per year, ideally before or at the end of summer and winter. Preventive maintenance is recommended for the entire life of the door and opener.


Does your garage door have an attitude? ABC Garage Repair is offering a garage door tune-up and preventative maintenance plan plus the replacement of noisy worn out rollers with super quiet nylon ball bearing rollers to give your garage door a much needed makeover. maintaining/servicing the garage door and opener prevents problems that could not be avoided in any other way. A tune-up will help your garage door and opener work smoothly and quietly and will optimize their performance significantly! Thus prolonging the life of the garage door and opener.


  • Trip charge: $49
  • $99 inspection/tuneup of residential garage door up to 16×8
  • Replace noisy worn-out rollers with super quiet nylon ball bearing rollers. &9.85 (per roller) or $50 for all the rollers on the garage door (up to 10 rollers)
  • $38 inspection/tune-up of residential garage door opener

Commercial garage doors/openers are determined and quoted on site after evaluation of the technician. Pricing may change according to work and product conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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