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Home Protector Garage Door

Home Protector Garage Door

Life Protector

Your garage is dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year 800 Americans die and 16,000 more are hospitalized because of an unseen threat. A car or lawnmower left running or a faulty hot water heater creates carbon monoxide. When the odorless, colorless gas, a proven killer, is trapped in your garage and left to seep into your home, sudden illness and death can occur.

This is the best safety breakthrough for keeping your home and family safe! Every home should have one!” Bill Whelan, FDNY

Life Protector TM is the revolutionary carbon monoxide detector with the only technology sure to save lives, automatically opening your garage door the instant this deadly gas hits its sensors, letting the poison escape and keeping your family safe!

The Lifeprotector includes everything you need to install it and a lifetime warranty.

  • Life Time Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Power source 120vac, 60 Hz 60nA max.
  • 9v battery backup (included)
  • Audio Alarm: 85dB.
  • Temperature range: -40f (-40c) to 122f (50c)
  • Size 6.5″wx 3.5″H x 1.5″D weight: .5lb.
  • Mounting Hardware.
  • User’s Instruction.

UL2034 EN5291 CN,CE, ISO 9000/2000
Fire Sense™

Motorized roll down shutters are one of the best ways to protect the windows and doors on your home and business. But with all that protection there is a hidden danger.

What if your home catches fire? How would you get out? How would fire fighters and rescuers get in? Mangeney Controls has successfully developed Fire Sense ™, a unique device that monitors your home for smoke. When Fire Sense ™ detects smoke, your shutters will automatically raise to the open position allowing fire fighters and rescue workers to enter your home.

Fire SenseTM is manufactured in the USA by Mangeney Controls, Inc. Fire SenseTM is subjected to comprehensive inspection procedures and functional testing in the factory so we can assure total satisfaction.

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