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When Do You Contact Garage Door Repair Professionals?

Your garage door is often overlooked and an essential aspect of your home. A garage door holds more complexity than meets the eye. While some garage door repair tasks may seem simple, the potential dangers involved in them make professional assistance a wise choice. 

At ABC Garage Doors & Repair, we take pride in helping homeowners and businesses with their garage door requirements. When it comes to garage door repair, you should reach out to garage door repair professionals. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement –

Garage door springs are significant features in garage doors to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of your door. These springs balance the weight of the door and work like counterweights. Due to their high tension, you should never attempt a DIY replacement as it can lead to hazardous consequences. It’s highly suggested to rely on professional expertise to handle spring replacements safely and efficiently.

Garage Door Seal Replacement –

Top and side seals are integral parts of your garage door as they protect your space from moisture, mold, and harsh weather conditions. When these seals wear out, they compromise the overall integrity of your garage door, potentially leading to major mishaps. Rather than considering surface-level solutions, you should contact our garage door repair professionals for a thorough seal replacement ensuring long-term effectiveness.

Garage Door Bracket Replacement –

Brackets keep your garage door protected, ensuring the smooth maneuverability of the topmost section. Over time, brackets can wear down and be rusted which poses a danger of a collapsing garage door. It’s highly suggested to do regular professional inspections and maintain the efficiency and safety of your door's brackets.

Garage Door Opener Replacement –

Garage door openers depend on circuit boards for efficient and smooth operation. While replacing a circuit board might seem easy, you should leave this task to the professionals. A garage door opener is essential in your home's privacy and security; so you should never attempt garage door circuit board repair alone as it can impact your safety. Trust the expertise of our garage door repair professionals as we will handle the opener repairs effectively.

Chain Drive Opener Replacement –

It’s suggested to consider regular check-ups for garage door openers using sprockets and chains. 

Attempting to chain drive opener replacement yourself can be dangerous. Garage door professionals are familiar with popular opener brands like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Sears; so you can expect a secure and durable chain drive opener gear replacement.

Trust ABC Garage Doors & Repair for Prompt and Reliable Garage Door Repair –

At ABC Garage Doors & Repair, we understand the inconveniences and frustrations associated with garage door malfunctions. That's why we are available seven days a week and are ready to handle your garage door repair needs as smoothly as possible. 

Feel free to contact us today with your questions and we will make sure your home is protected from the inside out. Our garage door repair professionals strive to make your garage door experience seamless and secure.

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