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Types of Garage Doors

Our garage door professionals install and repair garage doors in Columbus, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We are also proud to sell a variety of garage door types to suit the needs of your home or business.

Please take some time to peruse our garage door catalog to choose the door you’d like. Below you’ll find a brief summary of why people choose these different types of garage doors. Hopefully this will help you decide which garage door is right for you.

Steel Garage Doors

Pros: Steel garage doors are sturdy, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. We have a variety of steel garage doors for home or business use.

Cons: Steel garage doors may rust if dented or damaged. For people living near the coasts, you may consider other materials before steel.

Wood Garage Doors

Pros: Wood garage doors are widely considered the most elegant of garage doors. Wood can also be quite sturdy.

Cons: Wood garage doors require more care than other garage doors, since wood can warp and chip if not properly cared for.

Composite Garage Doors

Pros: Composite garage doors can mimic the beauty of wood garage doors, without the same hassle. They are usually quite sturdy, as well, and aren’t prone to warping.

Cons: Even though composite garage doors may look and feel like wood, some people prefer to actually have the real thing.

Iron Garage Doors

Pros: Like wood doors, iron garage doors have a very specific and beautiful aesthetic that’s difficult to match. They provide your home with an image of sophistication.

Cons: Iron garage doors are heavier than other materials. Also, they may be more likely to discolor over time. However, many people actually prefer the look of discolored iron.

Keep the above ideas in mind when choosing a new garage door for your home. There are great things about each of these types of garage doors, but it’s also important to consider what disadvantages each has.

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