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Residential Garage Doors & Commercial Garage Doors: What’s the Difference?

ABC Garage sells both home garage doors and commercial garage doors. To many people, the difference between the two seems obvious, but we’ve realized over the years that many of our customers don’t understand why we have a separate catalog and separate services for home garage door clients and commercial garage door clients.

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Residential Garage Door Services: What We Do

Our residential garage door installation and repair experts consider the unique needs of your home and your particular garage door when making all repairs and installations. Some residential garage door systems are simple; others are more complicated. We make sure that we approach your situation-aware of the unique challenges it presents.

Unfortunately, garage door tracks, hardware, and openers can fail. Whether it’s through damage, neglect, or an accident, you might find that you need emergency home garage door repair outside of normal business hours.

There’s nothing more important than your family’s safety and the security of your possessions. Don’t wait until the next morning on the workweek to have someone come and fix your home garage door. Call us and we’ll come as quickly as possible.

Commercial Garage Door Services: What We Do

For commercial garage doors and garage doors for businesses, we approach them in a similar manner: first, we consider which commercial garage door is best for your business. Are you in a warehouse? A garage? What type of garage door will provide the best security and optimal usability for your industry?

For some businesses a rolling steel garage door or a rolling steel gate is the best option, especially when you need to protect a large storefront window or door. We are skilled at installing and repairing rolling steel doors, so if your business needs a new door or simply needs to have your old door repaired, we’re the people to turn to.

If you have a house in the Columbus area, Washington DC area, Virginia, or Maryland, please contact us today to find out how we can help service your home garage door or the garage door for your business.

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