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Routine maintenance and inspection of your commercial garage door are recommended to maintain a safe working environment.

It is necessary to keep the business operation running as it should be.

There will come a time when business owners who have garage doors on their properties need to undertake maintenance. In this situation, there are two options: either do a do-it-yourself garage door repair or hire a professional. Although the first option might seem more enticing at first! There are several advantages to employing a business garage door repair service.

Time and Money Savings

Depending on the repairs needed, a broken garage door could affect how your business operates. Instead, hire our dedicated commercial garage door repair in Virginia to maintain your commercial garage door and alleviate potential headaches.

Access to the Latest Repair Tech

As experts in the field, our commercial garage door repair team in Virginia is backed by quality and up-to-date equipment. It ensures the job gets done quickly and safely, right the first time!

Access to Experts

We are professional commercial garage door repair Virginia technicians. We learn things while servicing different doors in various settings. We do it for decades. These experiences will help us provide a better solution with a great customer experience.

A Go-To Resource for the Future

We not only offer the best service but established a lasting impression on our clients. We are happy to fix your future issues.

Lower Chance of Injuring Oneself or Others

Garage doors for businesses can be hazardous. Avoid putting others and yourself in danger by not attempting to operate large or dangerous garage door components. Leave these repairs for our commercial garage door repair team.


There is a lot of tension on the lift cables, brackets, and other hardware that are attached to the door springs. It must be handled correctly and with the appropriate care! Improper handling can result in fatalities or serious injuries. Never try to fix or reposition the torsion springs on your own. The lift cable, which connects these brackets to the spring, is under a lot of force. The red-headed fasteners on the door's bottom brackets should never be removed, adjusted, or loosened. Inspect quarterly or after every 5000 cycles.

The commercial garage door should be inspected quarterly or after every 5000 cycles. Only a qualified commercial garage door repairs can do it well. We are a commercial garage door repair in Virginia professional following the manufacturer's instructions. To execute it safely, we have the know-how, resources, and expertise. We visually inspect the door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other hardware for signs of wear. Call us today if you suspect problems such as

  • fraying cables
  • tearing or bent hinges
  • loose bolts or screws
  • excessive roller wear
  • broken, rusty, or dry springs

Lubricate in every quarter or after every 5000 cycles

The commercial garage door should be lubricated every quarter or after every 5000 cycles! What we do in this segment of garage door maintenance is lubricate the moving mechanical parts. We use specialized garage door lube which we apply on hinges, rollers, and springs. We check the torsion springs and ensure it is adequately lubricated. We are very much careful while applying the lubricants to the garage door components.


We are ready to handle your commercial garage door repair requirements! We are ready to assist you if your business faces an emergency. Our expert technicians are ready to help & keep your business running.

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