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Organizing Your Garage

Your home’s garage may serve many purposes. Though it was originally built to store and protect your car, most of us use our garages for a myriad of other uses. Because of this, sometimes the mess and clutter can get out of hand.

While it’s helpful to get professional organization assistance when it comes to decluttering, here are some steps you can take to organize your garage on your own. We’ve divided these according to the types of items might be cluttering up your garage.First: decide what you really need to keep. Do you have an old, flat basketball? Inflate it and see if it holds air. If not, throw it out! This should be your first rule with organizing your garage: if you can get rid of something, do it now. Don’t wait.

Now that you’ve thrown out some of your old sporting equipment, organize items by use. Which ones do you use every week? Which ones do you pull out once a year?

Consider purchasing a sports rack like this for the items you use more regularly. You can place the other items, if there any, in a plastic bin and store the bin on a shelf.

If your kids have their own sporting equipment, it might be fun to help them decorate their own bins. This way they take ownership in the organization and storage of their equipment, and they’re more likely to help you keep the garage organized.

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