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How to Paint a Garage Door

If you’re not in the market for a new garage door, then you may consider painting your existing one to mask imperfections or simply to give it a clean, refreshed look.

First, ask yourself why you’d like to paint your door: is it dirty? Rusty? Dented? Scratched? Are you looking for a new look to match your home or business?

If you’re painting your door because it’s damaged, then you may want to consider hiring someone like us to do repair work first. Masking damages with a new coat of paint may work for awhile, but it’s possible that the paint will continue to chip away until you actually fix the dent or scratch that you’re trying to cover up.

If, however, you’re just painting your door to spruce it up a bit, then check out this great advice from Behr.

For more information on how to paint a garage door, check out these videos on YouTube.

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