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How to Detect a Broken Garage Door Spring? Do’s & Don'ts

A garage door spring is a durable and functional aspect of your residential garage door system. If you want it to function properly, you should maintain it regularly. Most moving parts you use very often experience some kind of wear and tear and eventually they need replacement. The same goes for the garage door spring. Hence, when you notice any signs, you should schedule garage door repair in Arlington.

It is highly suggested that you should keep the moving pieces clean and properly lubricated. This way, you will make sure that your spring works perfectly and lasts for a longer time. The more you use your garage door, the sooner you will notice the signs of wear and tear on your springs. So, you should take a look at the post and know how the garage door spring gets broken.

What Causes a Get Broken Garage Door Spring?

You may find it difficult to determine whether the garage door issues are caused by broken springs or any other issue. Though some garage door parts may show similar wear signs, your garage door spring can give dangerous consequences when broken. You should always schedule professional consultations for both garage door replacement and garage door repair in Arlington

 Garage Door Lifetime –

How long a garage door spring should last depends on how often use it for opening and closing your garage door. There is no specific time frame. Instead, their life depends on the number of cycles they perform. You should think about garage door replacement if you have been using it for decades. 

Poor Maintenance –

It is always wise to consider servicing moving parts in your garage door around twice a year. Over time, rust and dirt buildup can badly affect the garage door parts and cause them to break down faster. You should lubricate and wipe down all parts regularly to keep your door working as smoothly as possible. 

Misalignment –

If your garage door seems crook or off the track, it may due to a misalignment issue that could be due to a damaged or broken spring. 

Strange Noise –

Do you notice any loud banging or snapping coming from your garage door? If yes, then it may be due to broken springs. You may also experience excessive squeaking. 

Quick Closing –

A tell-tale sign your garage door spring is not working properly if the door closes much faster than usual. This usually implies your spring is on the last leg and is unable to hold the door weight. 

Unable to Open –

Though a garage door unable to open could be a sign of garage door issues, it may be because of your damaged springs. Avoid opening the door yourself if it is not opening.

Jerking –

If the garage door rises and falls eventually and you notice some jerking, your garage door spring is likely to be struggling to hold the weight of the garage door. 

Bottom Line

You should never attempt to replace or repair garage door springs on your own. ABC Garage Door Repair professional will be able to serve your garage door repair and replacement needs with speed and precision. We will ensure that the replacement and repair of your garage door are done properly and safely. For more details about our services, please call us at (240)465-0122.

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