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How To Choose The Right Size And Type Of Garage Door For Your Home

The size of the garage door is an important aspect to consider whether building a new home or installing a new garage. You must ask yourself the same questions to choose the ideal garage door for you, regardless of whether you use your garage to safeguard your cars or if you've turned it into a home office or gym.

Are you thinking of remodeling your current garage or just getting a new garage door? When shopping for a new garage door to meet your needs, there are many things to understand and get right, including design alternatives, door size, and more. There are several great garage doors available for purchase. You can discover a garage door that, in terms of color, style, and features, is the ideal match for your house. As you browse your options, you need to make sure you find one that is the perfect size for your garage. How do you find the right-sized garage door for your needs? Following this simple guide can help choose the right garage door that suits your home and lifestyle!

A Garage Door For Every Purpose

Different garage doors of different sizes are available now. Each has its own purposes. We advise a double garage unless you plan to use it for storage or keeping one vehicle. single garage provides a very little space. It is not good if you use your garage as a workshop, office, or home gym. You should avoid it if you have large-size cars.

How you'll use your space is crucial before selecting the ideal garage door and its size. Decide the purpose first. Deciding on an ideal garage door size can be easy if you know the purpose of your garage. We can install & repair tilt garage door, sectional garage door, or roller garage door irrespective of its size.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Both the garages and the garage doors come in a variety of sizes. We provide custom-built to fit the dimensions of your particular garage. Knowing that garage doors can be fitted specifically to your garage gives you peace of mind. Although there are many different sizes of garage doors, there is a standard size for new garage doors.

  • Single Sectional Garage Door- 2200mm high x 2400mm wide.
  • Double Sectional Garage Door - 2200mm high x 5000mm wide. Garage doors are designed to fit openings of different sizes. It typically needs 125mm on each side and 250mm of headroom.
  • Roller Garage Door - 3000mm high x 5300mm wide. However, 450mm of headroom will be needed to install a roller door.  
  • Maximum Sectional Door Sizes -3400mm high x 6400mm wide. If a side-mounted motor is used, you will require at least 250mm or 400mm of headroom in this area.
  • Tilt Dimensions Garage Door door - Up to 2500mm high x 5500mm wide garage door openings are acceptable for a regular tilt door. A tilt door will need at least 100mm headroom and 750mm of a side room.

The thickness of a garage door

When it comes to reducing noise in residential dwellings, a garage door's thickness might be crucial. You might use insulated doors because they are effective at reducing noise. A typical garage door thickness varies from 30 to 51 millimetres. It will keep the energy bill low.

How To Measure Your Garage

Do you want a custom-made garage door design for your property? You must make sure that your dimensions are accurate. However, following a few steps make makes the garage door measurement reasonably easy. Here are a few of them:

  • Headroom: Measure the space from the top edge of your door opening to the garage ceiling to decide the size of the headroom.
  • Backroom: Decide the depth of your garage by measuring the front of the roof to the back of the roof of your garage.
  • Sides: Calculate the distance on the left and right sides of the opening between the side edges and the wall.
  • Door Height: Measure your door height from the floor to the top of the opening.
  • Door Width: Measure the width of your door opening. Don't include the complete wall's length.

What if Standard Sizing Doesn’t Apply?

You don't need to be concerned if normal sizing doesn't apply or if you just have an unusual vision for your garage door. Completely your property, we may arrange for personalized garage doors. It can be made to fit your particular requirements and specifications. Just have a conversation with our knowledgeable garage door specialist. We provide a free quote and work with you to choose and install the ideal garage door. Don't be reluctant—see how our qualified team can assist you!!

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