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How Do Automatic Gates Work and What Are Your Options?

Automated gates were once only seen at the homes of the extremely rich, but now they are becoming more common on residential properties. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, automated gates are gaining popularity among homeowners.

Automated gates are still somewhat of a mystery to most people. How exactly do they work? Can you choose different options? In this post, the best automatic gate installer in Washington DC will take you through the basics of gate automation.

What’s gate automation?

Gate automation combines gates and automation systems to create a new piece of machinery. The new machinery usually includes motors, controllers, and safety devices to prevent accidents.

Gate openers:

Automatic gate openers are designed to be used with either swinging or sliding gates. They’re operated through remote control.

How do Different Kinds of Automatic Gate Openers Work?

Threaded Shaft Gate Motors: With a threaded shaft gate motor, the gate mounting moves along a threaded shaft inside the housing. As an electric motor turns the shaft, it opens and closes the gates. You need to align the shafts carefully during installation to ensure that they move smoothly.

Articulated Arm Motors: The articulated arm motor is usually used with gates with large pillars. It uses a hinged arm that reaches around a wide object.

Sliding motors: Sliding gate motors are used to open and close sliding gates. They install easily in places where space is limited or where you need to gate a very wide area. The motor meshes with a gear on the end of the gate, which turns wheels that move along a track to open and close the gate.

Underground Motors: If you prefer not to see the mechanism of your gates, then underground motors may be for you. The drive arm connects to the bottom of the gate, and the motors are placed in a protective housing that is buried under the ground. They do take longer to install and require more work, so they're generally more expensive.

How do gate motors work?

Automatic gates can be opened and closed in a number of ways. One way is to use a remote control, which can be held in your hand or kept in your pocket. Another way is by using a transmitter, which is attached to the gate post. Sliding gates are often supported by a rolling retainer at the top of the gate. They run along tracks laid across the drive entrance.

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