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Garage Door Repair Silver Spring MD - Maintaining and Fixing Your Garage Door

Your garage door is a significant aspect of your home as it offers easy access to your car and storage space. But it can sometimes experience problems, like difficulty in opening and closing, making loud noises, and even complex malfunctions. 

If you live in Silver Spring, MD, and are experiencing issues with your garage door, you may be wondering what you can do to fix these issues easily. You can schedule professional garage door repair in Silver Spring MD. Continue reading this blog post and please check out some tips for maintaining and fixing your garage door.

How Do You Maintain Your Garage Door?

If you want to prevent garage door issues, you should focus on considering regular maintenance. Take a look at some tips for maintaining your garage door:

Inspect your garage door regularly. 

You need to take a few minutes every month to inspect your garage door to find any signs of wear and tear, like rust, cracks, or damaged parts. To prevent further damage, it is important to promptly address any issues that you notice.

Lubricate the garage door moving parts.

It’s better to apply a lubricant to the moving parts of your garage door like the rollers, hinges, and springs. It will help reduce friction and prevent premature wear.

Check the balance of the garage door.

If a garage door is not balanced properly, it can cause unnecessary strain on the garage door opener and other parts which leads to malfunctions. You can check the balance of your garage door by disconnecting the opener and opening it manually. If the garage door is not opening smoothly and remains open, you may adjust it by taking professional help.

Keep the tracks clean. 

Dirt, debris, and other obstructions can build up over time which can cause the garage door to malfunction. It’s better to clean the tracks to prevent these issues.

How to Repair Your Garage Door?

If you're experiencing issues with your garage door, you can go for simple fixes before calling a professional:

Check the tracks and rollers.

If your garage door is making loud noises or isn't opening smoothly, it may be due to dirty or worn-out tracks and rollers. You should clean the tracks with a damp cloth and replace any damaged rollers.

Tighten loose hardware.

Over time, the nuts, bolts, and screws on your garage door may become loose, which can cause the door to rattle or shake. It’s better to tighten any loose hardware to prevent this issue.

Replace the weather stripping.

If your garage door allows drafts or water, it may be due to worn-out weather stripping. You need to replace the weather stripping to improve energy efficiency and protect your garage door from external elements.

Test the garage door opener.

If your garage door is unable to open or close, you should check the opener. Make sure it's plugged in properly and the battery is charged. If it still isn't working, you can try resetting it or replacing the batteries.

When to Call a Garage Door Professional

If you've tried these tips and your garage door still isn't working, it's time to call a professional garage door repair expert. Some common garage issues like broken springs or cables need expert assistance.

Bottom Line -

Regular maintenance and quick fixes can go a long way in preventing garage door problems. But if you're experiencing issues with your garage door that you are unable to fix on your own, it's time to contact ABC Garage Doors & Repair. We have the experience and expertise to help you with any issues regarding garage doors in Silver Spring, MD. Our reliable and qualified garage door repair professionals in Silver Spring, MD can quickly diagnose and fix your garage door issues, making sure that your home remains secure and functional. For more information about our garage door services, please call us at (301)786-5574.

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