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Bizarre Garage Incidents: Use Your Opener!

We’ve all been in the garage, in a hurry to leave, but very few of us have just driven through the garage door. While there are many disasters that can befall a garage door, perhaps none are as devastating as just driving a car through one. Here are three recent cases in the news of extreme human error in properly entering and exiting a garage.

In Georgetown, Kentucky, an intruder broke into an auto shop through a side door and then stole an SUV that was being held for non-payment. The thief then drove it right out through the closed garage door, leaving a gaping hole and plenty of glass behind. The burglar in this case is still at large.

In Pompano Beach, Florida, an elderly man confused his accelerator for the brake pedal and drove his SUV up and over a lawn, through some mailboxes and finally through a metal garage door.

And in Clayton, Missouri, a homeowner caught a burglar rifling through his SUV red-handed. The surprised thief started up the vehicle and then reversed it right through the garage door, causing $2,200 in damages. The man was later caught and arrested.

Drivers of the world, take note: There’s a better way to open a garage door, and it’s likely right above you, clipped to the visor.

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