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ABC Garage Door Repair- The Best Choice For Quality Garage Door Repair In Alexandria VA

Do you require a door replacement but have limited time and budget? look no further! ABC Garage Door Repair is here to swiftly address your needs. We guarantee you are satisfied with our garage door repair service in Alexandria VA. We are not only cost-effective but efficient in our services. We consider ourselves to be the experts on door replacement and repair and our clients in the Alexandria VA area seem to agree! Are you still a bit hesitant? Let us tell you why we know our competitors can compare with the high-quality garage door repair we offer in Alexandria VA.

We Use Experts

Every door is different. That is why we hire highly experienced and trained garage door experts in Alexandria VA. We know how to handle the installation and repair of every type of door. Our crew of garage door repair specialists in Alexandria VA makes sure that there is no doubt about completing the job. With their broad skills and experience, they know how to handle any kind of door. You can trust us to finish your task quickly and effectively.

Any Door Any Size

As mentioned above, we know how to handle all doors. Never think that an odd size or an unpopular style of door is going to prevent us from serving you to the fullest of our capabilities. We will get your door repaired, installed or replaced regardless of the size, style, or any other non-standard trait that may have you worried.

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation on the garage door work you need. So what are you waiting for? There is truly nothing to lose when you know the type of work, how long it will take, and how much it will cost before you ever spend a penny.

The Door Replacement & Repair You can expect from ABC Garage Door Repair


The first step involves the removal of the current frame and door from the block or drywall opening. Next, we will proceed to modify the existing opening to accommodate new locks, closers, exit devices, automatic operators, and other necessary components. If required, we can also change the swing of the existing door to better suit your needs. Additionally, our team is skilled in cutting and installing new openings in existing block or drywall walls. Lastly, we will ensure that your facility fully complies with all fire and safety code regulations, bringing it up to standard.


Our services include the installation of new pre-finished wood doors in existing or new openings. We can also modify your existing wood door to accommodate window kits or new hardware.


Our expertise lies in the installation of new aluminum storefront doors and entryways in both new commercial buildings and existing structures. Our aluminum entrance doors are available in standard and custom sizes and finishes. Additionally, we offer repair services for your existing aluminum door, including the addition of a new closer pivot or hinge.


We provide, service, and install a wide range of hardware types and products from various manufacturers. Our trained technicians are available to assist you in finding the appropriate hardware solution for your project while considering your budget.


Our team of expert technicians is skilled in the installation and maintenance of automatic pedestrian doors. Furthermore, we offer retrofitting services to enable your existing doors to accept auto operators.


No matter if you are protecting one door or several doors or want to integrate security with life safety code standards, we have the best access control option for you. We have the expertise and products to handle any access control challenge.

At ABC Garage Door Repair, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to our clients that we possibly can. Call us right away to get more information about our offerings! Schedule your free consultation and let our expert garage door repair in Alexandria VA resolve your garage door problems!

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