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5 Easy & affordable ways to secure your home

We at ABC Garage Door Repair value your business and care for your safety and well being, we have compiled five easy and affordable ways to secure your home.

As you may be aware, COVID-19 lock down has forced millions of people to stay at home, lose work, and file for unemployment. Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. We have seen mile long lines at food banks, and gun sales are surging across the country.

While we hope that everything will go back to normal soon, we still need to be prepared for a rise in crime and home burglary. It’s never too late to secure your home against break ins.

Deterrence is probably the number one thing you can do to cause a criminal not to try and break into your home. Here are a few simple, easy and economical ways you can scare a criminal away.

Fake Alarm Monitoring Company Signs and Stickers: Put an alarm sign on your front lawn and an alarm sticker on your doors and windows. Criminals will rarely try and break into a home they think is monitored 24 hours a day by an alarm company. These signs and stickers are cheap and can be found for around 10$ on amazon.

Fake Video Surveillance Cameras and Stickers: Same as an alarm monitoring company sign, a video camera and video surveillance stickers are  a major deterrent against criminal activity. Install a fake camera and a fake sign or sticker on the front and back of your house. You can find these for 10-20$ on Amazon.

Outdoor Security Flood Lights: Outdoor security flood lights with motion sensors are affordable and relatively easy to install if you are a bit handy. You can find them in Home Depot or buy them online. They will let you know if someone is lurking around your home by flashing a ray of bright light at him when he activates the motion sensor. There are more expensive models out there that have a Wi-Fi video that will alert you and you can conveniently watch whatever movement was detected from your phone.

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell: A Wi-Fi doorbell with a camera like ‘Ring video doorbell’ is an extremely convenient and affordable way to secure your home. Many times, burglars will ring your doorbell just to see if someone is at home. If no one answers, they will attempt a break-in, but with a video doorbell you can answer the door from your phone even if you are not home and call 911 if you if you are suspicious of the caller.

Secure all Access Points to Your Home:

Check all access points to your home – all windows, plus front, side, back and garage doors and entrances. Make sure they are all in good working condition and are secure, checking all your doors’ and windows’ locks.  Lube (WD40) door hinges and locks if they are sticky, and if you have a sliding glass door for your back porch, make sure you have a bar to secure it locked at night that can only be opened from inside the house.

For your garage door, make sure it’s in good working condition, though if you have an automatic garage door opener you do not require additional locks as the opener acts as the lock.

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