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5 Common Problems Causing Garage Doors to Get Stuck

A garage door adds convenience to every home in Vienna VA. It does so as long as it’s running perfectly. Generally, a garage door is used to go up and down on-demand multiple times every day. If you’ve installed the garage door properly, it is working without showing any issues. But what to do when it gets stuck?

Usually, a garage door requires a great array of interconnected parts for its proper function. Its complex design can cause malfunction without any warning. Regular maintenance can help you avoid garage door repair in Vienna VA.

When a garage door gets stuck, it can cause so many inconveniences in your daily life. Sometimes it can need a simple fix and other times you may schedule professional garage door repair in Vienna VA. Take a look at this post and know the common problems that cause the garage door to get stuck.

1. When the batteries are dead –

When your garage door is stuck, you should check the batteries in your remote. Batteries die over their use and this problem is very common. You can swap in new batteries. If it doesn’t help, you can check out other possible causes.

2. When it’s locked unknowingly –

It may seem pretty obvious. So check the lock. Garage doors can be locked unknowingly by a child or an automatic lock system. If it doesn’t open, check the locks thoroughly.

3. When it’s cold outside –

Winters are cold and wet and water can collect and freeze around your garage door springs. An ice buildup can put unwanted stress on your springs. It can make your garage door latch stuck. It’s better to remove the ice from the springs and see whether the door gets unstuck. Ice removal from the springs can be a simple fix until and unless they are damaged. You can use a heat gun on a low setting or a hairdryer to melt away the ice. If ice buildup has damaged the garage door springs, you should contact professionals to handle garage door repair in Vienna VA.

4. When the pulley or spring is broken –

A pulley and spring help in lifting and down the garage door. This mechanism pulls the door along the track for opening and closing. When you find a broken spring or an obstructed pulley, the garage door won’t work. They can break down when the door is working which causes the door to be stuck halfway or fully open.

Garage door springs and pulleys are not designed to work forever. Over time, they need to be replaced. If you think it causes your door to be stuck, you should contact a garage door repair company to help you out. They can be able to fix the damaged pulley system or spring to get your garage door up and running.

5. When it’s not lubricated properly -

You need to lubricate your garage door properly to make sure that your garage door works smoothly. If your garage door makes lots of noise, it might be due to improper lubrication. It will cause your door to get stuck. So, clean the components gently and apply lubricant to the tracks, rollers, hinges, and springs. You should do it when the garage door is down.

Bottom line –

Whether you need professional help with the installation and repair of your garage door in Vienna VA, you should look no further than ABC Garage Doors & Repair. For more information, please contact us today at (240) 465-0122

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