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4 Main Differences between Residential & Commercial Garage Doors in

Are you looking to install one of the best residential or commercial garage doors in Washington DC? Whatever the case, you need to do some research. You often think that both are interchangeable, but in reality, they are different from each other. Therefore, it’s important to understand the main differences to get the right solution for your requirements and better value for your investment.

Generally, residential garage doors play a significant role in improving the overall décor of your home. So, you must consider buying a new door that best matches your home aesthetics. However, commercial garage doors are a staple in businesses like restaurants, retail stores, mechanic facilities, etc. If you want to buy the right garage door for your home or business, please go through the differences between residential and commercial garage doors discussed below.

1. Overall Look 

You will notice some visual differences when looking at Virginia's residential and commercial garage doors. This is because residential garage doors focus on aesthetic appeal, whereas commercial doors focus on functionality. That’s why residential garage doors come with additional features like windows and are available in different colors.

Commercial garage doors look more conventional and are almost available in white color. As a result, they don’t necessarily add to the aesthetics of the commercial buildings; instead, they are neutral in a way that doesn’t affect the building’s aesthetics. If you want to buy a commercial door in color other than white, you may custom design your door.

2. Materials 

Now you switch your focus to other differences, i.e., the materials used in the manufacturing process. For example, residential garage doors are made from different materials, including wood and steel. The type of materials depends on the budget and aesthetic preferences of homeowners.

Usually, commercial overhead garage doors are made from durable, sturdy materials like aluminum or galvanized steel. Both materials are sturdy, long-lasting, and can provide a superb level of safety.

3. Available Sizing 

Sizing can be the significant difference between residential and commercial garage doors. Residential garage doors are around seven feet high and eight or nine feet wide. This dimension works for most homeowners, but you can choose garage doors up to 12 feet.

On the other hand, the sizes of commercial garage doors surpass the largest residential doors. The sizing depends on the application they need to be used. Commercial overhead doors are about 32 feet wide and 24 feet tall.

4. Opening Ability 

Another difference is the opening ability. Residential garage doors open a few times a day, whereas commercial overhead doors open and close all day. Getting good-quality garage door openers for any commercial work environment is necessary. That’s the reason why commercial garage door openers are specifically designed to operate faster than their residential counterparts ensuring smooth and efficient operation –

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