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4 Common Signs of Noisy Garage Doors

Are you irritated by the noise coming from your garage door? If yes, the noise is often a sign that your garage door isn't functioning as it should. Don't allow these sounds to linger; it's better to fix them as soon as possible. ABC Garage Door Repair has the experience and expertise to provide expert repair solutions for garage doors in Virginia and Maryland. Professional garage door contractors will help you identify and fix the most common issues behind garage door noise. Please check out this post and know more about them:

1. Damaged Tracks

The garage door tracks ensure its smooth operation. If you hear grinding or scraping noises, they can be due to damaged tracks. Over time, wear and tear or external forces can bend or dent the tracks that obstruct the movement of your door. 

Check whether they are any heavy objects hanging from the door or if there is a forceful impact on the track like that of a vehicle. If you want to ensure the functionality of your garage door and eliminate the noise, schedule a professional garage door repair service today and they will help you repair garage door tracks. 

2. Loose Chain

Whether the chain is loose or drooping, it can result in jerky and noisy door movement. If your garage door experiences issues while opening or closing, you should check the chain. A loose chain can also make a clicking or rattling sound as it moves along the track. 

So, you should tighten or replace the chain to ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and quietly. When there is any issue, you should trust ABC Garage Door’s expertise for its effective diagnosis. 

3. Poor Lubrication

More often garage door owners overlook lubricating their doors. But poor lubrication can be the reason behind garage door noise. Without proper lubrication, the moving parts of your garage door can rub against each other that cause friction and generating noise. 

If there is no visible damage to tracks and chains, you should lubricate them using a recommended product. However, if you're unsure about the lubrication process, it's best to consult a garage door repair professional to help you out.

4. Door Imbalance 

If your garage door hangs unevenly or becomes stuck midway, it could be due to door imbalance. The imbalance can generate squeaking and grinding noises as the door finds it difficult to move along its tracks. 

Ignoring this issue will increase the noise and cause further damage to the door's components. If you have an off-balanced garage door, you should schedule garage door repairs through ABC Garage Door Repair and restore its proper alignment and silence the noise.

Final Conclusion –

Never allow the garage door noise to impact your peace and comfort. You should act fast by checking your garage door's lubrication, chains, tracks, and balance. Fix these common issues as soon as possible and eliminate those strange and irritating sounds effectively. 

However, if you are unable to identify or fix the source of the noise, feel free to reach out to ABC Garage Door Repair. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to diagnose the problem and provide you with efficient solutions, ensuring that your garage door operates quietly and smoothly once again. Contact ABC Garage Door Repair today, and let us provide you with efficient repair solutions for garage doors in Virginia and Maryland.

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